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American Drycleaners Environmentally Friendly Information:

American Drycleaners asks our clients to return hangers for reuse. Collection containers are located in the lobby of our main plant at 17th and Allen Streets. V.I.P. express bag holders can return hangers by simply placing them in their drop bag.
American Drycleaners uses biodegradible plastic garment bags.
American Drycleaners provides a "Signature on File" option for our clients with house charge accounts. Monthly balances are charged to a credit card and statements are not printed/mailed - saving on paper and postage.
There are 2 major forms of drycleaning solvents used in the industry. Perchloroethylene (commonly known as "PERC") is being phased out as a dangerous carcinogen. Aliphatic Hydrocarbon is a petroleum-based solvent that American Drycleaners has and always will use. It is a safe and effective cleaning solvent.
Our Drycleaning machines are closed loop systems which reduce the risk of spills and exposure to the outside environment and the operator. Once the solvent is used in a wash cycle, the solvent is then cooked down, turned into a vapor and recondensed and recycled as new solvent. Soil and particulates recovered from garments is collected from the cooking vessel, transferred to locked containers and is hauled and incinerated by Safety-Kleen, inc. All pick-ups are reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Agency and certified.
In 2003, the property on which our main plant resides passed a phase I and II environmental inspection.

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